Journal of Rational Pharmacotherapeutics and Research (J Rational Pharmacother Res) is an official publication of the Indian Society for Rational Pharmacotherapeutics and is a peer reviewed, open access multidisciplinary medical journal being published quarterly from India. It was started in year 2013. It is a mirror reflection of the Indian Society for Rational Pharmacotherapeutics. It is a step & endeavors to satisfy the professional quest, collect & disseminate medical information & scientific knowledge about various current medical problems, update & increase the interaction among the medical fraternity in the larger interest of the suffering mankind.

The focus remains on Rational Pharmacotherapeutics, Standard Treatment Guidelines, Pharmacovigilance, Clinical Pharmacology, Drug Discovery & Development and Rational Drug Prescribing, Essential Drugs, Drug Policy, Evidence Based Research Preclinical and Clinical Research. Besides other medical literature, this journal contains Editorial, Review Articles, Original Articles & various interesting Case Reports, New Horizons, Drug Review. “Journal” promises to be an important medical communication and Journal of Scientific excellence in the field of Pharmacology and Clinical Medicine and allied specialties.